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FRI 5 – THUR 11 & SAT 13 Dec • 14th London Turkish Film Festival


"14 Years. 14 Days. Welcome to the unique and vibrant cinematic event that is the 14th London Turkish Film Festival, a two-week mix of internationally acclaimed films and local box office hits taking place at six venues from Fri 5 to Thur 18 Dec.

Over the past year festival goers from Venice to Cannes, Locarno to San Sebastian, Montreal to Toronto have seen not only the re-emergence of a national cinema but a vigorous re-definition of themes and identities. This independent mission to examine issues of class, gender and ethnicity has given Turkish cinema a European face for the first time in its history.

Rich and entertaining, these films show that love can take the edge from the pain of returning home or can destroy the life of a carpet seller. An old manuscript offers redemption while documents at a border define separation. Immigrant dreams coincide in three European capitals or tragedy finds a young woman in a remote village. A devout man and a young boy equally struggle in their inner worlds while an aspiring film maker shares his destiny with a black marketeer. The mysteries of the human heart are revealed in the sunny pastoral setting of a village and under dark Istanbul skies. An empty apartment or a yacht on the Aegean can carry secrets and an out of town trip can still bring hope to a couple. Desperate love not only touches a poet in prison but also a lovelorn couple. The darkness and depths of the human soul are explored in refugee camps, coastal towns and the back streets of Istanbul.

Now it's your turn to discover this mesmerizing collection of feature films, documentaries and shorts accompanied by the outstanding talent that created them. The 14th London Turkish Film Festival truly deserves to be called 'Lucky Fourteen'. We hope that you will be able to join the celebration."

Vedide Kaymak, Ercument Akman

Visit www.ltff.org.uk for full programme details

Ticket info for screenings at the Rio:

£7 – evening and weekend screenings (Friends of the Rio receive £1 discount)
£5 – weekday shows before 5pm
£4.50 – Under 15’s
£4 – shorts programmes on Saturday 13 December

A Festival Pass offering admission to all films showing at the Rio, Odeon Holloway and Odeon Lee Valley is on sale at the Rio box office costing £40 (£35 for Friends of the Rio).

FAR NORTHMON 29 Dec • Special screening

FAR NORTH (15) 8.30

(UK/France 2007) dir. Asif Kapadia 89m. Digital.
Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Krusiec, Sean Bean, Per Egil Aske, Jan Olav Dahl, Espen Prestbakmo.

Filmed in the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic, FAR NORTH is as majestically beautiful a film as its story is terrifying. Michelle Yeoh and Sean Bean head an outstanding cast in a tense thriller about survival, passion and revenge, directed and co-written by Hackney's own Asif Kapdia. Haunted by a violent past, Saiva (Yeoh) and Anja (Michelle Krusiec) share an isolated, brutal existence in the desolate Arctic tundra. When Loki (Bean), a wounded stranger, enters their lives, a romance quickly develops, but the betrayal that follows leads to shocking consequences. Based on a story by Sara Maitland, FAR NORTH is a striking mix of myth and reality and a truly remarkable achievement.

+ Q&A with Asif Kapadia

CHE: PART ONETHUR 1 Jan • New Year’s Day special double bill

CHE: PART ONE (15) 6.15

(France/Spain/US 2008) dir. Steven Soderbergh 126m. Digital.
Benicio Del Toro, Demián Bichir, Santiago Cabrera, Elvira Mínguez, Jorge Perugorría.

On November 26, 1956, Fidel Castro sailed to Cuba with a rebel force determined to overthrow the corrupt dictatorship of President Batista. One of those rebels would become a symbol of struggle and hope, an iconic figure recognisable worldwide and a legend: Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. The first part of Steven Soderbergh's powerful and incisive chronicle interweaves narratives of the Argentinian doctor's early years, from his life-changing meeting with Fidel Castro in Mexico to the jungles and hills of Cuba as the fight approaches Havana. Winner of the Best Actor award at Cannes, Benicio Del Toro gives a truly spellbinding performance as the idealist who became a revolutionary hero and an inspiration.

+ CHE: PART TWO (15)

(France/Spain/US 2008) dir. Steven Soderbergh 127m. Digital.
Benicio Del Toro, Othello Rensoli, Franka Potente, Norman Santiago, Joaquim de Almeida.

CHE: PART TWO deals with Che's involvement in the Bolivian campaign of 1966 to 1967 and the attempt to orchestrate the great Latin American revolution. Lacking popular support, and with the Bolivian army and its American advisors waging effective counterinsurgency, the failed revolt brought Che to his death. A tale of idealism, tenacity and sacrifice, it illustrates why he remains a potent symbol of idealism and heroism around the world.

£13/£10 Concs

HUNGERSAT 17 Jan • Special matinee

HUNGER (15) 2.00

(UK/Ireland 2008) dir. Steve McQueen 90m.
Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Stuart Graham, Brian Milligan, Liam McMahon.

Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen directs a compelling account of the 66 day hunger strike that ended the life of convicted IRA member Bobby Sands in Belfast's Maze Prison. With a devastating performance by Michael Fassbender, this key moment in modern British and Irish history is recreated in a visually striking film of blistering power and troubling questions.

+ discussion introduced by former Republican political prisoner Seanna Walsh who was in the H Block during the hunger strike.

£6/£5 Concs

OF TIME AND THE CITYTUE 20 Jan * Early Evening Special


(UK 2008) dir. Terence Davies 74m.

Outstanding filmmaker and National Treasure Terence Davies looks at the history and transformation of his birthplace, Liverpool, in a riveting and personal documentary. Davies' own experiences of an oppressive Catholic upbringing are examined against archive footage of landmark events as diverse as the Royal Wedding and the coming of Rock 'n' Roll. A mini masterpiece.

£6/£5 Concs

WALTZ WITH BASHIRSAT 24 Jan • Special matinee


(Israel/Germany/France 2008) dir. Ari Folman 90m. Digital.
Voices of: Ari Folman, Boaz Rein Buskila, Ori Sivan, Ron Ben-Yishari, Ronny Dayag, Dror Harazi.

Cutting edge animation that is as visually bold and original as it is politically explosive and rewarding. Director Ari Folman, triggered by an old Army colleague's recurring nightmare, attempts to remember his experiences in the Israeli army during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Having repressed his own memories of that conflict, he sets out to interview old friends, veterans from around the world, and even psychotherapists to help him regain what he has lost. There are no scenes of heroism; battles are seen as short, chaotic and terrifying skirmishes, many of them tragic mistakes. This is a world of clouded visions, uncertain memories and tortured dreams. Uniquely, WALTZ WITH BASHIR is both a stunning piece of documentary and a superb piece of animation.

£6/£5 Concstop

MANONSAT 31 Jan • Royal Opera House presents the Royal Ballet

MANON (PG) 2.15

Kenneth MacMillan’s three-act ballet ‘Manon’ is not just one of the great showpieces of The Royal Ballet, for whom it was created, but also now of the classical ballet repertory worldwide. The famous story follows the young girl Manon, torn between her impetuous love for the student Des Grieux and her desire for wealth and comfort as a kept woman of a rich man. These two central roles are showcases for the skill and dramatic power of any dancers and this performance features two of the Royal Ballet’s greatest stars – Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo. The stage picture brings to life the 18th century – from the bustling courtyard of an inn where the couple first meet to the louche atmosphere of a Parisian house of ‘entertainment’ and its courtesans. Expressive music drawn from Massenet has been skilfully woven into a ballet score that alternates the sensuous and the dramatic to match the adult themes of a world-class ballet.

Choreography: Kenneth MacMillan; Music: Jules Massenet; Orchestrated and arranged by Leighton Lucas
Designs: Nicholas Georgiadis; Lighting: John B Read; Conductor: Martin Yates.
Performers: Tamara Rojo (Manon), Carlos Acosta (Des Grieux), José Martín (Lescaut).

Running time: 165 mins (including 2 intervals)

MANON Behind the Scenes trailer

£12/£10 Concs & Friends of the Rio

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